Macro Moments Challenge #35

Musin’ with Susan

female Blue Dasher – by far the most tolerant DF’s
Canon Rebel XSi, 100mm, 11.0f, 1/100, ISO 800

I fell in love with dragonflies 2 years ago. Always enjoyed them, but when I tried photographing them, I gained a whole new appreciation. The added bonus – they eat mosquitoes! May their gene pool increase. 

Musin’ with Susan bi-monthly photo challenge #35. Theme: nutten’ in particular 


Author: justpat1

Just having fun.

10 thoughts on “Macro Moments Challenge #35”

  1. Smashing capture, Pat. There is a Blue that visits our pond from time to time – it may be an Emperor – and I have never managed to get a shot.
    I’ve photographed several other species that visit but never a blue. Drives me nuts when it buzzes me like a darn drone!


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